Planners4Health is a six-month initiative to increase local capacity for creating stronger, healthier communities. The initiative focuses on promoting greater coordination between planners and public health professionals at the state level.

The APA-New Mexico Chapter received a $50,000 grant (for the period February to July, 2017) to help build local capacity for integrating planning and public health. The Planners4Health initiative is part of APA’s Plan4Health three-year, $9 million program to help communities combat determinants of chronic disease – lack of physical activity and lack of access to nutritious foods. Funding for the initiative is provided through a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Through the initiative, APA-New Mexico will use the grant funding to broadly share knowledge and resources so planners and public health professionals can help their communities more easily support and implement healthy living choices. The chapter will work to bring together key stakeholders, leverage existing healthy community initiatives and efforts underway, and share planning and public health information.

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